Routes of different lengths, from 400 meters to 2 kilometers

Huskies were originally Nordic sled dogs because they are incredibly hardy and strong. Although they resemble wolves in appearance, but by temperament they are good-natured and friendly animals that are great with people.

All dogs of "Husky City" are trained to work with people, so they don't have aggression towards strangers.

Price list 2021-22


Route 700 meters *

Cost, ₽ / person​

800 ₽


Route 1700 meters *

Cost, ₽ / person​

1500 ₽

We are open
all year round

All-season Events

to Sunday Events

We are ready to welcome
our guests every day

From 10:00
until 17:00

At this time, our pets
are in the mood and cheerful

We are 8 years

We try to make our
guests happy for a long time

Don't forget our rules!

— Admission for children under 14 years of age, accompanied by an adult only
— Do not leave children unattended when visiting Huskytown
— Hold small children by the hand or in their arms
— Keep it clean
— In the event of an emergency - contact the instructor
— Make sure your child does not have any stabbing, cutting, or dangerous objects with him or her
— People with allergic reactions to animals are not recommended to visit the "HaskyGorod"
— By purchasing an admission ticket, guests take responsibility for those with whom they have come to socialize
— When communicating with animals it is necessary to remember their desires and needs

You can't do that at all

— Feed animals with food they bring with them
— Teasing and scaring animals
— Throw any foreign objects into the enclosures
— Drinking alcohol and smoking
— Break structures
— Slipping your fingers through the enclosure bars of the aviaries
— Visit the kennel with your pets

Dear guests, we kindly ask you to treat your health
and the health of our pets with care!

Thanks for taking care of me