Reindeer sledding

Reindeer breeding is the oldest branch of animal husbandry. It remains the main occupation of the indigenous peoples of Russia. It is the reindeer herders who have become the main custodians of the unique northern culture. Reindeer sledding is a traditional means of transportation for the indigenous peoples of the North.

Plunge into the atmosphere of a winter fairy tale and experience all the delights of travel by reindeer, get comfortable in a sleigh, grip the reins and go!

A professional instructor will tell you all the details and answer all the questions. You will be able to take wonderful pictures as a memento.

Price list 2022


The track is 400 meters *

Cost, ₽ / person​

500 ₽

* One adult and a child up to 130 cm or two children up to 130 cm sit in the sled

We are open
all year round

All-season Events

to Sunday Events

We are ready to welcome
our guests every day

From 10:00
until 17:00

At this time, our pets
are in the mood and cheerful

We are 8 years

We try to make our
guests happy for a long time

Don't forget our rules!

— Admission for children under 14 years of age, accompanied by an adult only
— Do not leave children unattended when visiting Huskytown
— Hold small children by the hand or in their arms
— Keep it clean
— In the event of an emergency - contact the instructor
— Make sure your child does not have any stabbing, cutting, or dangerous objects with him or her
— People with allergic reactions to animals are not recommended to visit the "HaskyGorod"
— By purchasing an admission ticket, guests take responsibility for those with whom they have come to socialize
— When communicating with animals it is necessary to remember their desires and needs

You can't do that at all

— Feed animals with food they bring with them
— Teasing and scaring animals
— Throw any foreign objects into the enclosures
— Drinking alcohol and smoking
— Break structures
— Slipping your fingers through the enclosure bars of the aviaries
— Visit the kennel with your pets

Dear guests, we kindly ask you to treat your health
and the health of our pets with care!

Thanks for taking care of me